Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Defying Impossibilites

I have often heard that nothing is impossible for God. In fact, I have quoted that phrase. And while I know this to be true in my head I must confess that unfortunately I have occasionally not given God the credit that He can actually pull off the impossible. I'll blame it on doubt rearing its ugly head causing me to dare to question the abilities of my awesome God.

Then it occurred to me, if man could see the impossible before his eyes would it make it easier to believe beyond any doubt that God can do anything, even the impossible? And what would this example be? What could possibly be an example of what looks to be the impossible actually being reality?

Then I remembered a feat my brother is known for.

He loves to stack rocks. Now that doesn't sound like anything worthy of demonstrating impossibility. I mean, how hard can it be to stack rocks? One on top of the other, with the smallest one on top, right? That's how I would do it. Not exactly how he did it in the photo to the right

But what if the rocks are odd shaped? And what if they stand in a river? Not a peaceful river whose current is hard to detect but a river with enough force to create lovely little waterfalls as it moves around the rocks in its path.

 Seeing is believing.

My brother is a mere man, yet look at these photos that show off what he can do with patience and effort.

If man can create such beautiful creations then our Almighty God can do anything He wants; even taking what we see or think as being impossible and making it a reality as strong as the ground under our feet.