Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nothing is Impossible

I have often hash-tagged the phrase "there is always hope". It was my way to bring light to the fact that God works is ways we don't think of. This week I read Joel Rosenberg's blog and found a true example of these words. In a land where Christians are being killed and radicals of the Muslim religion rule with a heavy hand there are untold numbers of people looking into the Christian Savior, Jesus.

This is incredible.

I don't know about you, but I figured Iran had fewer Christians now than they did this time last year. And those that remained were still being hunted down to be killed. Little did I think that there would be much spreading of the gospel. But, God uses all things to advance His kingdom, even the actions of the enemy.

We often hear in the news that Isis continues to recruit new members. But the actions of these people cannot overcome the way God moves. Yes, the terrorists are planning to change the world to be under their control. But, in reality their actions are doing nothing more than causing their own countrymen to wake up, turn away from the country's religion and walk into the loving arms of Jesus.

Even in the heart of evil activity God can be triumphant. And Joel Rosenberg's article talks all about it. Take the time and read it here.