Monday, November 23, 2015

Miracles in the Midst of Tragedy

There has been so much coverage on the attacks in Paris that I'm sure there is probably nothing new to discuss. It brought back memories of being downtown one night and hearing the sound of gunfire. As I remember, the sound bounced off the buildings, so it was hard to tell where the shots were coming from. I didn't know where to run. I can't imagine the fear and confusion the people of Paris must have felt as the sounds of multiple shots and explosions filled the night air.

When 9-11 happened the attacks were spread out, but just as confusing. The thought of all those attacks happening in one place almost simultaneously grips in a way that we did not have to deal with here in the U.S. And, may we never have to experience.

Nevertheless, I see the lesson from both tragedies as the same. In both situations there are stories of how people survived even though they should have died. If God still needs you for a purpose then nothing can stop Him from using you. He knows your time and will not let man stop Him from achieving His objective. Take the following two examples. I remember hearing of a man who jumped up and rode atop the debris as the World Trade Center came tumbling down. Miraculously, he survived. The second example occurred when I watched the news coverage of Paris. I saw a shooter taking aim at a woman on the ground, shaking his gun before he fired then walking away. The woman was reported to have said the gun jammed, so he left. He didn't attempt to bring her more harm. She also survived, miraculously.

What was the purpose of these two examples of surviving a tragedy? I don't know, but for right now I would say it's to show the world God is still in the miracle business. May all the world look to God for more miracles and comfort in this time of much needed direction.