Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Nothing New

I'm sorry I haven't shared anything in several weeks. Frankly, I am struggling to stay focused enough to finish the editing of my first solo book, as the woes of my circumstances threaten to overtake my emotions. Staying focused on God has been my saving grace.

God has been faithful, and through Him I find joy and direction. But still the struggle is daily. The other day as I read my devotional reading I came across a rough draft of a note of encouragement I apparently wrote several years ago. Wouldn't you know it was like I wrote a note to myself.

The first scripture I encouraged the reader to look at was Psalm 138. The verses felt like they were written for me. That's when I realized that nothing I am going through is new to God. He has been here before. Nothing that happens in today's world is new to Him. He's seen it all. He made the human body and knows how delicate it can be. How one wrong thing happening within can trigger all kinds of changes. Changes that send out ripple effects to everyone around.

Again I find that I need to stay focused on Him. Only then can I find my way through the muck and foggy state of my current situation. I encourage each of you to do the same. You don't have to be going through awful situations to look to God for direction. But I can tell you that by doing so, you will find a peace that you are not alone and that someone bigger than you or me is on our side. Let me know how it's going for you.