Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Truth Always Comes Out

So did you hear the latest? It's been on the local and national news scene recently. Representatives of Planned Parenthood are taking fetal baby parts and selling them for use elsewhere. Don't believe me? Check these sites out:

Washington Post

A second Washington Post story

Fox News

What surprised me was that they are aborting babies in the second trimester. I did not know this. I actually feel sick finding out. It saddens me that many women choose to end a life rather than offer a child up for adoption. AND the federal government is helping this organization do this.

I once heard the saying, "the truth always comes out." And it does. In some ways because things are getting crazy, I'm not surprised that something as disgusting as selling fetal parts is happening. It's like a production of The Twilight Zone come to life.

I first heard of this through Joel Rosenberg's blog post. I encourage you to check out his post and the sites I hyper-linked above. Become aware of the filth that has crept into our country so that we can join together in prayer against these things, and beg forgiveness from God. Re-tweet this post or share it. Or, write your own post about how this makes you feel. Let's get the word out and wake up the church members who are totally unaware of this atrocity.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

America's Reflection

On the fourth I was treated to my first food truck experience while watching fireworks over our neighborhood's pond. Actually, from my position I could see the fireworks display of two other cities. That was fun. But what really left an impression were the people who surrounded me.

People of all nationalities sat on that hillside. Multiple languages besides English could be heard...Indian, Arabic, Asian, Spanish, the list goes on. It was a wonderful example of America at its best.

From its inception America has been the place people could come from all walks of life and all backgrounds in search of something better.  A place where people could be free to be themselves and worship God in the manner they wished.

What struck me that night was how America, unlike any other country, has such a large number of cultures within its borders that in many ways it's an earthly representation of heaven. When we get there it won't just be white, or black, or hispanic, or whatever background you're from. It will be a mixture of races, a rainbow of colors, united in the glorifying of the One who brought us there, who paid the full price so we could be free of sin and free to enter a peace only found in heaven. We'll all be celebrating next to one another, praising and cheering Jesus.

While America represents the land of the free, Heaven is the place of true freedom. While children can be born into the freedom found in America, each of us must make the choice to accept the gift heaven offers. The freedom available in America finishes at one's death. The freedom found in heaven is forever - as in - doesn't ever come to an end. Our forefathers paid the price for our freedom here in America. Jesus paid the price for our freedom in heaven. My hope is that each of you has taken that step to join forces with Jesus, so that when they set off the best fireworks ever in heaven you'll be sitting near me.