Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When is Enough Enough?

The phrase, "God never gives you more than you can handle," has come to mean more to me in the last three years then ever before.  In the past I've heard people explain away the trials of others by that statement, saying, "Well, God won't give him more than he can handle, so he must be able to handle this on his own.  I'll just pray for him."  Honestly, asking God what kind of help is needed for the person would be a better action.

Now before you start shutting me out... thinking, I'm up on some pedestal, preaching should and should nots... let me say one thing.

When trials come my way, and I remember those words, I try talking to myself in much the same way as the little engine going up the hill... "I think I can, I think I can."  Although, I must confess, it's more like singing the chorus, "God will make a way where there seems to be no way."

This is a chorus I've sung almost weekly over the past three years.  I think if I were to take a stress test that covered that time period, my score might well be off the charts.  As my already high level has recently elevated with the ever increasing renovations we've been undergoing, I have experienced fatigue.  Fatigue that has interrupted my easy focus on God and my weekly postings. (Note my last posting was one month ago.)  As I struggle to keep that focus where it belongs I've looked on the above phrase in a new light.

God may not give us more than we can handle, but is what we can handle more than we think?  Do you ever feel that one more thing on your plate will send you over the edge?  Before my recent much needed vacations, I realized I was at the end of my strength.  That feeling of "I can't do this" was overwhelming and brought me to a point where I could go no further.

My rescue came in the form of my sister making an additional trip down just to help me prepare for the next step in the renovation process.  Her help was a breath of fresh air.  I didn't have to ask her to come.  Still, God used her to lighten my load.

In all this I learned a jewel of a lesson.  If I take my eyes off Jesus and stop looking to Him for guidance every day, I falter.  I accomplish far less than is normally possible and I'm exhausted by what little I do complete.

So, while I discovered I can handle more than I thought I could, I have also found that sometimes it takes putting someone at the brink of overload that gets our attention to turn to God... to ask daily for His energy, His wisdom, His guidance for the next step in the day.  And that next step, may be to stop and rest in His peace.  I also learned, actually I'm still learning, that I don't have to be perfect to accomplish what God has for me to do each day.  God knows my weakened state.  I only have to reach His goal to the best of my current ability.