Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I Ready For Plan B?

My plan A has been simple: marry, raise my children for God, live a quiet stable life, and grow old with my husband. However, as I look around at all the things happening in the world today I have to wonder if we are headed for an occurrence of biblical proportions? And if we are, am I ready?
Conservative and Christian leaders speak of the awful decisions being made that could affect all of us. If you listen too long a sense of despair sets in. Some rightfully encourage prayer to stop bad decisions and change things back. But, what if God says “no”? What then? What if the country is overtaken because we let down one defense too many?
What if a disaster occurs again causing even more changes?
At first, I think, oh that can’t happen. God would not allow His people to suffer that way. But, then I read the Biblical book of Daniel.
Even as a youth he and his family were faithful to their God, the God of Abraham. How do we know this? Daniel knew what was expected of him as a Hebrew, God’s chosen people, and he stood by those values. In a sense, he was a good person.
Just imagine what he was thinking when his world came tumbling down and he was carted off to an unknown city.
He stood strong, as did his friends who even had to face certain death just to prove a point. But, they all survived and lived to set further examples for all people...even to this day.
Before I start scaring myself and others, I have to realize that God does work all things together for His good. As my mom says, “What’s the worse that can happen? So, you die and go to heaven...that’s the best thing!”
Even if this country looks like it’s going to ‘pot in a hay barrel’, or that God has stopped hearing our prayers because bad things are happening to good people, or that times are tough and getting tougher, I must trust that my God is working it all for His good...not my good. His good...to call His people back to Him...to create a strong desire for Him and His kingdom...to call people who have never known Him.
Plan B may never have to be put into action but I must be ready for it. And, I must remember that God will never let me out of His hands to travel a road alone.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocking My World

I have chosen this name because it is rocking my world and my comfort zone to have a blog site. I never thought I would be out there on the web creating posts on a blog but I am. Heaven knows, it has taken me long enough to do what comes so naturally to so many. But, if others my age and older can manage it then I will too. Actually age has nothing to do with it...it is a technology issue. Those of you who know me know that I am very slow in understanding, utilizing and applying man’s innovations.
I will post at least once, maybe twice, a week. I hope to answer any and all questions anyone reading my blog may throw my way, or if you have a subject for which you want another opinion. I hope to challenge myself and others with new things I learn from Jesus about our Heavenly Father, about the spiritual realm, about life in general. Perhaps bringing a greater understanding of God’s love for all of us.
Join me in my adventures as I learn to add blogging to my comfort areas. Together we can rock our worlds.