Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sudden Changes

Last week I experienced something no one should ever have to experience. A loved one suddenly choose to slip out without notice or warning; taking all belongings and leaving emptiness in the wake. It's a devastating feeling. It rocked my world. Surreality surrounded me. I walked in a haze filled with tears for hours. My thoughts filled with questions like, "Are you kidding me?" "What now?"

Like the single flower pictured below I felt somewhat alone.

But I reached out to family and friends within those hours and found that God has many ways to encourage us when we are down. Before I knew it people from all sides were surrounding me with their presence, their text messages and their phone calls. What I thought was a lonely existence became a mass of support like the bluebonnets in these other pictures.

I was not alone and am not alone. Even better than that, my God is faithful and He is my ultimate defender. As I sat in a variety of church services last week, I felt God's presence and His direction. It was the weekend we get to celebrate the path Jesus opened up for us to enter  heaven. We get to die on earth one second and immediately enter into a new life in paradise and  heaven if we accept His sacrifice on the cross. And that's exactly what I felt God telling me.

This weekend I celebrated the beginning of a new life, a new goal. God has something else for me to do. Human "will" caused the change, but God's "will" is ready to work everything for His good for His kingdom. (See Roman 8:28) It's not what I would have chosen or ever desired. But I look forward to the new things and goals that God has for me that may rock my world in a glorious way.

I still have those moments when the raw emotions come to a head and tears flow out unannounced. It takes me a few minutes to rein them in and bring them to a halt. Then I remember the lesson I've received and joy fills my heart once again. Starting something new is a little scary, but God is in this with me, so I shouldn't be fearful in any way. And, the fact is that any rocking motion eventually does settle down and becomes a smoother ride once again.